about me

Pawel Blaszczak (born 1971) is a soundtrack composer for videogames and movies. His first compositions were created on Commodore 64. Since 1997 he’s been composing videogame soundtracks professionally. His work includes music for Dead Island, Call of Juarez Trilogy, Chrome and Crime Cities. Together with Adam Skorupa, Pawel co-composed the widely acclaimed The Witcher OST with the IGN Award - Best Soundtrack 2007 - RPG Game among others. He is also credited with music for Platige Image’s award winning animations „The Ark” by Grzegorz Jonkajtys and „Cinematograph” by Tomasz Baginski. Pawel graduated from Wroclaw University of Economics with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. He also studied composition privately under Andrzej Henryk Baczek, composer and music theorist. Currently Pawel works as Audio Director at Techland, an independent game development studio based in Wroclaw, Poland. He also participates in various other projects, co-composing music for EVE Online trailers and working on his own album based on the Commodore 64 audio style.

What is music for you?

When I hearing and composing..

I can touch the sky.
Dance onto the morning.
Fight for the last breath.
Day after day is going easier.
all is more beatiful
I fell free...

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