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I have no description for Dying Light's soundtrack. You made a masterpiece.
~Marc, wednesday, 2017.02.08
Hi Pawel, we had contact before via e-mail on 1-7-2015. Still enjoying your music and playing the new DLC: Dying Light, The Following. 341 hours of game play and still counting. Best of luck. :-)
~Henk, wednesday, 2016.03.02
hi, let me say to you that i think you're a great artist and that you're music on dying light is absolutely fantastic. again bravo and much respect to you!!
~Italo-suisse, saturday, 2016.02.20
Muzyka jest czymś co znalazłam dawno temu. Żyje razem ze mną wszędzie gdzie jestem i z kim jestem, to ....wszystko co jest tylko moje.
~Paula, wednesday, 2015.12.02
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What is music for you?

When I hearing and composing..

I can touch the sky.
Dance onto the morning.
Fight for the last breath.
Day after day is going easier.
all is more beatiful
I fell free...

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