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Dead Island: Riptide

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Dead Island: Riptide is a score so enveloped by the malevolence of blood and the morass of a labored, tenuous sentience that long term exposure is certain to debilitate and compromise its listening audience, and that’s the point. Fear is meant to subjugate, to corner, and Blaszczak’s meticulous cursed scripture aims to drown you in its opaque crimson sea…. Best you stay low on that grass.

Geno AnthonySumthing

``Blaszczak returns to the same style that made the first soundtrack so memorable, but it occasionally feels more ``retro`` than the first soundtrack. I don't mean retro in that ``Hotline Miami`` kind of way, but rather reminiscent of late 90s, early 00s horror soundtracks...``

Jen BosierThe Forbes
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